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Monthly Payroll Activities

  • Pre-payroll process
  • Update employee addition and termination
  • Update all staff movement, e.g. transfer, promotion, salary increment, etc.
  • Consolidate payment request from various departmental units e.g. production bonus, site allowance, incentive bonus & meal allowance, etc.
  • Calculate leave and overtime related adjustments
  • Multi-currency set up

Post-Payroll Process

  • Prepare payroll reports
  • Obtain approvals from authorised company representatives on monthly payroll
  • Generate monthly payroll data and submit to bank
  • Submit monthly MPF contributions to the regulatory body
  • Generate and distribute monthly payments slips to employees


  • Calculate final payment for terminated employees
  • Generate appropriate tax forms to IRD e.g. IR56F or IR56G
  • Prepare the Notice of Termination (for MPF) to the regulatory body
  • Issue cheque payment for final payment and MPF contributions

Annual Tax Return

  • Prepare tax return forms (IR56B) to IRD
  • Adjust taxable income based on any Tax Efficient Plan Policy e.g. Housing Benefit Scheme

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